Coworking Space at Zollhaus-Halle near Zürich HB

Are you a creative, fun-loving, and self-initiating individual looking for a co-working space that expands to the spheres of co-living and co-creating? If that was a curious ‘yes’, we might have something interesting for you.


We are a group of about 20 people living and working in one of the halls of the newly finished Zollhaus, part of the Genossenschaft Kalkbreite. The hall is 270 m2, has 4.1 m high ceilings, and hosts living-towers, cosy corners, bright communal spaces, and inhabitants ranging from children to artists to architects to gardeners to beings escaping worldly definitions. The space gives life to various living and usage modalities taking the form of:


  • Living-towers with permanent inhabitants,
  • Towers and rooms with semi-permanent inhabitants,
  • Atelier spaces with fixed users, and
  • Free-floaters&Co-workers using the space with no immobile attachments


We see the hall project as a dedicated living and creative space facilitating community living, artistic and political work as well as for occasional public events. The hall is a work in progress with a kitchenette and refinement of (living-)spaces in the making, all done and initiated by us.


To get to know the people behind the project, have a look at this document:

In order to make our community complete, we are looking for 3 free-floaters to be part of our project.

Being a free-floater means that:

  • You have access to the hall whenever you want.
  • You can use the space as a co-working space, a reading lounge, a box to think in or outside of - everything is up to you and up for discussion.
  • You are encouraged to participate in the project by joining our meetings, dropping by for lunch and/or dinner, helping in hosting events, participating in cleaning tasks, and so on. As mentioned, the project is all but completed and we wish to share ownership of the community we have created.
  • You have access to the following additional infrastructures: courtyard and roof-top terrace, laundromat, drying room, and 6 common “box” rooms with different functions (sewing, workshop, yoga, music, kitchen). Various more common “flex“ rooms, guest rooms, meeting rooms, etc can be rented additionally by the hour or day.


Relevant info about the space:

  • We are looking for 2 Atelier user and 2 free-floaters starting immedate/according to the arrangement.
  • The monthly rent for an Atelier space is 250 CHF, for a free-floater space is 165 CHF.
  • 20 CHF for shared expenses (covering soap, toilet paper, printing paper, coffee, etc).
  • A deposit of 2 months rent + 100 CHF for the key is expected.
  • As the space hosts living-, working-, and being-spaces and is the home of several families with small children, absolute silence cannot be guaranteed. Yet, nooks to make yourself comfortable are plenty and the space to create new ones is there.


Interested? Great. Here is what happens next:


  1. Please fill out this form to introduce yourself and share why you would like to join our project:
  2. We will be in contact with you to invite you to meet the project. Depending on the number of applicants, we will either organise a general intro to the project followed by individual meetings for those who are interested in freefloating with us.
  3. We will let you know whether we can welcome you to our jolly crew!


In case you have questions, please drop us a message at: 


Before you apply, we warmly recommend that you go through the below information to get a holistic idea of us and the project:

270 m2
CHF 165.- pro Monat
freie Räume

Zollstrasse 121
8005 Zürich

Zollstrasse 121
8005 Zürich